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Government and Utilities

We know that Government agencies and Utility companies are often driven by actual events and by audit processes. Our experience of working with these organisations is of a sector battling to apply reliable data in the face of rising community expectations, increasingly-demanding audit regimes and organisational transformation. Organisations in these areas are challenged to:

  • Capture data that the business needs
  • Migrate and merge data
  • Apply expertise
  • Deal with data volumes

Australian organisations within the Government and Utilities sectors tell us that a lack of information strategy and plan was a key cause of their unreliable data, and they are forced to address this issue when they are establishing or persuing a transformation program.

Data Agility provides Federal Government, State Government, and Utilities Information Management strategies that address the challenges of serving substantial commercial and community needs. Our work often addresses the sustainability agenda, government 2.0, and the role of the modern regulator.  Creation and deployment of internal competences and governance are also features of our work in a sector that delivers infrastructure, customer and corporate services.

The Data Agility approach focuses on creating enterprise-level capability in a context that must often address a whole-of-Government perspective.

To find out more about the Government and Utilities sector and the reliability of data, view our research here. To discuss your specific data problems, contact Data Agility today.