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Organisations across Australia strive to have accurate and timely reporting, insightful analysis, and effective prediction. Many of our clients are concerned about their ability to apply reliable data – that is, high-quality data available at the time and place required by their business. Many are deeply troubled by their inability to apply reliable data as they struggle with ever-increasing volumes of data, and intractable data and organisational structures.

Our experience and our research shows that the consequences of this are an inability to manage and report on operational performance, delays in decision making, and a negative effect on productivity. Key causes of unreliable data include:

  • Mulitple data systems and channels
  • Data integration and migration challenges
  • Information silos
  • Old systems
  • Absence of common data definitions
  • Inadequate master data management
  • Lack of governance
  • Absence of information architecture
  • Lack of expertise

Applying reliable data  to your analysis is critical and Data Agility works with you to leverage your analytical capability and build the Big Data capabilities you will  need to make fast informed decisions

If your organisation is wrestling with these problems, and is ready to become more data-driven, then click here to learn how we can improve the reliability of your data. Alternatively, contact Data Agility today to talk about the problems specifically facing your organisation.