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Retail, Media, and Telecommunications

We group these three sectors together because they display similar characteristics; they are all subject to rapid change driven by technological evolution, changing markets/patterns of competition, and new customer behaviours. Our experience on working within these sectors tells us they are challenged by the cost of merging data, reporting on operational performance, and have very real issues with applying reliable data across multiple channels of delivery.

Data Agility works with these organisations to develop and implement IM strategies which enable multi-million customer engagement, high-volume transactional, marketing and sales centric environments.

We work with the largest database and reporting solution providers to integrate and apply data through transactional systems, data warehouses, and marts.  This often requires the first comprehensive application of a federated or enterprise approach to key data sets such as customer and product. Data cleansing and migration is another key theme of our work as silos are broken down and products, services, and companies are acquired and merged.

For more information on how Data Agility assists Australian organisations in the Retail, Media, and Telecommunications sectors, click here. If you’re ready to tackle unreliable data within your organisation, contact us today.