Applying data through analytics

AusPost engaged us to deliver an analytics strategy for them.

AusPost engaged Data Agility to deliver a data analytics strategy for them. Here’s how we did it.


Australia Post had developed and had endorsed an enterprise-wide information management (IM) strategy.

This strategy was recognised as one of seven strategic programs of work for the organisation. While the IM Strategy dealt with the foundations of managing data, Australia Post recognised that it also required a strategy for applying the data through analytics.


​Data Agility were engaged by the CIO to deliver an analytics strategy. Applying the Data Agility Framework, the work was characterised by collaboratively working with Australia Post to deliver on the required outcomes.

Engagement with stakeholders was enterprisewide, including the traditional mail delivery business, parcels and corporate services. The mail delivery and parcel business encompass operations. Data Agility worked with Executive General Managers, General Managers, Heads of Business Units and operational staff to deliver the strategy. Between 80–100 stakeholders were consulted through one-on-one interviews and group workshops. The consultation included:

  • Defining a consistent view of what analytics was
  • A vision for the application of data and analytics
  • Requirements for applying analytics and use cases


The following was delivered for Australia Post:

  • Draft Analytics Strategy for review and feedback
  • Final published Analytics Strategy that set out the target future state – 3 year strategy
  • Costed roadmap for implementation to achieve the target future state and benefits analysis


The major outcomes of the work for Australia Post are as follows:

  • Comprehensive strategy and roadmap to achieve the target state and benefits
  • Recommendations and next steps endorsed from Executive General Managers including the CIO
  • Momentum and significant stakeholder buy-in of the strategy and its components


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