Why Australia Is A Data Analytics Hub Blog

Why Australia is a data analytics hub

By Simon Nyein / August 29, 2019

For a country that seems distant remote to the rest of the world, Australia has always had a firm place in the global arena of cutting-edge technology. We look at why Australia is a data analytics hub.

Why A Business’s Unique Data Is Its Most Valuable Asset Blog

Why a business’s unique data is its most valuable asset

By Simon Nyein / August 22, 2019

Why business’s unique data like loyalty programs can be so valuable and how you can get the most out of your company’s data.

Man Holding Credit Card For Car Blurred Bokeh Background E Shopp

Consumer Data Right: what does it mean for data in Australia?

By Simon Nyein / August 8, 2019

Learn about what the Consumer Data Right is and what it means for data in Australia. Learn how it will affect your business in Australia.