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Our dedicated team have a deep understanding of the unique business, technical and data challenges and opportunities faced by the Healthcare sector.

We work with our healthcare clients to address the most significant technology and information management challenges.

We assist you with your Digital journey—bringing innovative solutions to life.

  • From strategy to implementation to support

  • Both small and large health care settings

  • Enabling improved clinical outcomes

  • Bringing efficiencies to your administration

  • We know your systems and your people—how they work and how they want to work!

Our expert teams have delivered over 200 projects, to both the public and private health sectors, throughout Australia.

Data Agility Health


At Data Agility we work our utilities work across the range of national and local suppliers in the electricity/gas sector and the water industry.

The impact of data from the Internet of Things, significant technological innovation in battery and renewable energy sources, rising customer expectations and consumer price sensitivity amongst many other things is driving significant change.

Data Agility is working with wholesalers, distributors and retailers to improve their ability to gather, manage and apply its data as it seeks to:

  • Improve operational performance and customer responsiveness

  • Increase efficiency and manage costs

  • On-board new data from multiple sources.

Data Agility Utilities

Alongside its industry knowledge Data Agility has developed sophisticated capabilities for working with the corporate, customer, engineering and science personnel in the sector.

Data Agility is working with these teams and communities to build new data and analytics capabilities creating enterprise capabilities in an environment which historically had been specialist and siloed.

Environment & Sustainability

While the politics of global warming continues to play out; scientists, agencies and the emergency services community are reconfiguring their capabilities to deal with the impact of climate change and the ever increasing interest in the environment and sustainability.

Data Agility Environment

In 2009 Data Agility established a specialist environment and water consulting capability to work with these communities to improve their ability to apply data to the management of the environment and the substantial risks to the public. We’ve worked with CSIRO and many other parties on the System-of-systems for natural hazard disaster management initiative and engaged internationally developing a sophisticated understanding of the sector and specifically the data within the sector.

Today we work extensively across the Australian environment sector with federal and state departments, agencies, advocacy groups, engineering organisations and consultants delivering strategy and technical solutions enabling improved environmental management and sustainability.


Data Agility Finance

From our earliest days Data Agility has worked with Australia’s Big Four banks and our largest insurers.

Today the Australian Banking and Financial Services continues to be driven to meet new regulatory reporting and deliver new products in an era where the rise of Fin Tech is adding new competitors.

Customer centricity, digital engagement, being agile and creating a partnership eco-system are responses in a sector that is constantly challenged with rising expectations of the availability of accurate data at a time, place, and platform of the customer’s choice.

We apply our information management and analytics expertise and a depth of knowledge in retail banking, wholesale banking, and general insurance to drive improved business performance to enable our clients to respond to these changes and address the fundamentals of financial services:

  • customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, share of wallet and CAGR and

  • customer churn management, credit risk management, and customer decisioning.


Australian Government multi-tiered structure has significant complexity and it is seeking to address big issues with good use of data and smart investments.

Cyber security, terrorism, a fresh interested in science, the impact of family violence and much else is driving analytics across government. There is an increasing understanding of the need to

  • be citizen centric

  • predict rather react

  • be digital by designed

  • response on a multi-agency/multidisciplinary basis

  • be flexible and modular

Data Agility Government

Data Agility are deeply involved in developing strategies and architectures that address these issues with Federal, State and Local Government. In collaboration with our clients and partners in health, human services, environment, engineering, economic development, finance, justice and planning, we are also dealing with the details of improving the data reliability, data integration, metadata management and building analytics capabilities.

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