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Code Focus manages the coding and auditing functions for Health Information Services departments within Australian hospitals - and similar acute healthcare settings - where Casemix / Activity Based funding models are in place.

Code Focus connects to your hospital’s Patient Administration System through an HL7 feed to analyse episodic information and allocate coding and auditing work to staff based on the attributes of that information.

A complete history is retained within Code Focus and reporting is provided to analyse results and outcomes. This insight is then used to refine processes and provide education to coders about previous coding errors. In turn, this feedback cycle is aimed at reducing the number of errors that are made in the initial coding phase.

The solution is delivered as a ‘software as a service’ and updates in real-time based on the messages that are received via HL7.


Code Focus CI

Code Focus Clinician ID is the source of truth for Health Professionals in Hospitals.
Code Focus CI provides a single place for the creation of ALL Professional definitions, highlights and corrects errors, removes the need for independently created records and distributes records to any system that requires them.

Code Focus Clinician Index

  • Reduces errors and remediation effort
  • Ensures data from all systems is clean and accurate
  • Billing data contains the correct Provider Numbers
  • Discharge summaries are addressed correctly
  • Single format and rules for Professional Carer records
  • Increased distribution of patient information to external care providers
  • Increased electronic distribution of documents via Health Link (Health Link ID added to Hospital Professionals Master)
  • Increased compliance with NSQHS standard 6: Clinical Handover.
Data Agility Code Focus Ci

eHealthflow - Prosthetics Management

eHealthflow was recognised in 2012 when it won the prestigious iAward for eLogistics & Supply Chain.

Data Agility Ehealthflow

eHealthFlow is a cloud-based service which allows hospitals to gain control and visibility of the flow of orthopedic loan kits and consignment stock for patient procedures.

The application takes advantage Radio-frequency identification and barcodes attached to a prosthesis, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking.

eHealthFlow is unique in the way it allows for booking, tracking and communication between supplier and consumer through standardized messaging.

eHealthFlow also utilises a calendar based booking system which allows for changes to be made prior to shipment.

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