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Understand What happened and Why
Predict and Prescribe what to do

At Data Agility we understand that knowing what questions to ask is the key to getting value from what is often a sea of data

  • We build our clients analytics  people and process capabilities enabling them to drive hitherto unseen insight from their data

  • We implement and apply market leading technologies to drive insight and decisions from our clients data

  • We work with our clients to give then access and insight to the data from the multiplicity of devices that make up the Internet of Things

  • We provide our clients with outsourced analytics and reporting services delivering timely analysis and insight into major business issues.

Code Focus Analytics Hero

We give our clients access to great technology including Microsoft, Tableau, Qlik, Oracle, SAP, Hortonworks and IBM.

Information Management

Your data and our team

  • Our research shows that good decisions are based on reliable data and we work with our clients to ensure that they have the data they need

  • Our information management framework is a proven delivery model based on more than a decade of global research and applied innovation

  • Whether work on a strategy, an architecture or the detail of a data integration our team bring a complete frame of reference to their work.

We work with our clients on the information strategies and architectures that enable business goals. And we deal with the nuts and bolts of data quality, migration, integration, metadata, MDM and so on.

Data Agility Information
Data Agility People

People & Information

While the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence grow people remain crucial to business performance. To succeed, analytics and information management initiatives must engage people across an organisation

Data Agility bring a deep understanding that the behaviour of individuals is key to benefit delivery and we apply the PROSCI change management model to achieve these benefits

Building momentum where some prefer to 'just sit' requires collaboration, energy, pragmatism and some imagination

Governance & Information Security

The threat of cyber-attack is growing daily across a continuum from disgruntled individuals through to state sponsored terrorism. In this environment there are the dual needs to protect the information organisations manage and enable it to be effectively maintained and applied.

Data Agility Governance

Our clients need to ensure that reliable data is managed securely. Data Agility achieve this by bringing information security and information management together in information governance.

In a world of rapidly expanding data and a multiplicity of threats the Data Agility approach enables its clients to:

  • understand your points of weakness

  • manage organisation, team and individual security performance

  • create awareness  and apply the process: protect and enable.


We are experts in the architectures, design, development and operation of integration environments. Our clients are increasingly adding complexity and volume to their application and business environments.

With this comes the need to:

  • move data in real time between applications

  • connect to “things” as both a source and destination for data

  • seamlessly connect to other businesses, entities and people.

We are experts in all models of data integration to deliver these needs in robust, reliable and secure manners.

Data Agility Integration

Strategy & Architecture

Data Agility has a long established reputation as being in the first rank of Information Management and Analytics strategy developers. We also have a long track record of being developers of ICT Strategy.

Developed from years of national and international research we bring comprehensive strategy and architecture frameworks that cover the most contemporary issues and the most basic elements of data, information, analytics and technology strategy. We add industry expertise and a collaborative approach ensuring that our products are not just a Data Agility output.

  • Our work started with Australia’s largest organisations and has spread to a wide to include mid-sized organisations who are keen to apply an ever growing variety and volume of data

  • Our clients are seeking to make evidence based decision and understand that by itself technology is not a silver bullet.

At Data Agility we don’t deliver ‘shelf-ware’, we deliver visionary pragmatic strategies, architectures and roadmaps that take root and deliver business benefit.

Data Agility Strategy

Data Migration

Data Agility Migration

Major project implementations and conversions always require significant data migration efforts. This is often complex, detailed and time consuming.

With our best practice methods and tools, our data experts:

  • extracted, manipulated and migrated data

  • from hundreds of old and dilapidated systems

  • provide the foundations for new and superior environments.

With this expertise, the important historic information continues to provide relevance. From the outset of your project, we work with you to develop the migration strategy that makes business sense, plan the work required and apply our tools and expertise to ensure a clean and timely conversion.

Project Management

Data Agility engages with our clients and partners with a focus on the business needs of the project or service.

Our Project Delivery engagement model allows our clients to maintain focus on business while our experts design, build, and deliver solutions. We work with our clients to set objectives, understand the business outcomes, and establish the scope of the engagement. Then, we deliver! Some details on how we go about it are below.

Data Agility Project Management
  • Agility

    Agility is key to our approach; whether designing architectures or delivering data solutions. For our people, it is a way of working not just a methodology.

  • Project component delivery

    The specialist nature of our consultants provides the opportunity for our clients and partners to segment components of their initiatives. Data Agility’s consultants are nimble and can provide expertise across all verticals of information and technology projects.

  • Full project delivery

    Using PRINCE2 as our project management methodology, our projects are structured around detailed analysis, design, implementation, and transition phases using our feature-driven methodology. This model promotes clear communication between our project teams and clients, ensuring a common understanding of the business issue and technical solution.

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